CelBe Interview Mobupps CEO Yaron Tomchin

Yaron Tomchin CEO Mobupps

Insights to Mobupps New Connected TV Ads Product:

CelBe: Can you provide an overview of Mobupps’ new Connected TV Ads product and its key features?

Yaron Tomchin: Mobupps offers  CTV inventories (such as Crackle, TubiTV, Chromecast and others) on full Pay-For-Performance model (CPA).  Thanks to Mobupps’ automation technology (“MAFO”), advertisers spend only on the best performing channels for their brand, thanks to MAFO’s real time budget planning & KPI optimization technology.Mobupps’ experience in operating a Real-Time Bidding (RTB) advertising platform for several years, with a significant focus on CTV , greatly enhances Mobupps’ reach and effectiveness on CTV inventories. By leveraging advanced technology and automation tools like MAFO, Mobupps can optimize ad placements and target relevant audiences across different Connected TV platforms.

CelBe: What market trends or consumer behaviors prompted the development of this Connected TV Ads product?

Yaron Tomchin: The increasing adoption of Connected TV devices among consumers has created a significant opportunity for advertisers to reach audiences through this channel. Consumer behavior trends show that people are spending more time in front of Connected TV devices and are likely to continue doing so in the future. The reason Mobupps made the decision to focus on CTV was the adoption of cross device attribution, which enabled companies to track user activity such as app installs and in-app engagement very precisely. Due to this development, Mobupps understood it can make use of it’s automation technology (MAFO), to automate campaign management, optimize ad placements, and target relevant audiences based on data-driven criteria, which allows Mobupps the ability to work on Pay-For-Performance models with Advertisers.

CelBe: What sets Mobupps’ Connected TV Ads product apart from others in the market, and what are its unique selling points?

Yaron Tomchin: Mobupps is one of the few companies in the space who are able to offer CTV inventory on complete pay-for-performance basis, which removes the learning curve and allows advertisers to spend only on actual results.

The MAFO automation system can optimize campaigns based on CPA targets and find the best ad placements across a broad selection of channels . This automation ensures precise targeting and efficient campaign management.

Another advantage is MAFO’s large number of channel integrations across iRTB, OEMs, SDKs and PMPs which give MAFO the advantage of having the best reach among all partners in the field.

CelBe: How does Mobupps’ new product cater to specific target audiences, and what customization options are available for advertisers?

Yaron Tomchin: Mobupps offers a wide reach across various channels, including OEMs, SDK networks, media buy opportunities, programmatic channels, and private ad networks . Advertisers can customize their campaigns to target specific channels or platforms where their target audiences are most active.  

Additionally, Mobupps leverages data-driven targeting capabilities to help advertisers reach specific audience segments based on behaviors, interests, and demographics . By analyzing data points such as IP addresses, device IDs, and first-party data (where available), Mobupps can target individuals and households with relevant content. 

Connected TV platforms also make use of probabilistic modeling, which includes various data points like IP addresses, to target households with relevant ads . Mobupps can utilize this modeling technique to reach households based on statistical likelihoods and patterns.

CelBe: Can you explain how seamlessly Mobupps’ Connected TV Ads product can be integrated into existing digital advertising campaigns?

Yaron Tomchin: Advertisers can align their existing digital campaign goals with Mobupps’ performance-based models such as CPA or CPI . This alignment ensures consistency in campaign objectives and allows for a unified approach to measuring success across different advertising channels.

Additionally, Mobupps offers a wide reach across various channels, including OEMs, SDK networks, media buy opportunities, programmatic channels, and private ad networks . By leveraging these channels, advertisers can seamlessly extend their existing digital campaigns to include Connected TV advertising, reaching audiences across multiple touchpoints.

CelBe: What advertising goals can Mobupps’ Connected TV product assist with?

Yaron Tomchin: Our Connected TV Ads product can assist advertisers in achieving various advertising goals, including:

  1. Performance : Mobupps offers performance-based models such as CPA or CPI, allowing advertisers to optimize campaigns for specific actions and outcomes .
  2. Targeting & Engagement: Mobupps can help advertisers reach specific target audiences by leveraging data-driven targeting capabilities to deliver personalized ads to households and individuals, and also improve user engagement by delivering interactive and compelling ad experiences through Connected TV devices.
  3. Awareness: Advertisers can use Mobupps’ Connected TV product to increase brand visibility and awareness among Connected TV viewers through engaging and relevant ad placements.
  4. Cross-Channel Integration: Advertisers can seamlessly integrate Connected TV advertising into their existing digital campaigns to create a cohesive omnichannel strategy and maximize reach across multiple touchpoints .

CelBe: What key performance metrics does Mobupps prioritize when evaluating the success and effectiveness of Connected TV ad campaigns?

Yaron Tomchin: We prioritizes several key performance metrics when evaluating the success and effectiveness of Connected TV ad campaigns.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Mobupps evaluates the cost per acquisition to measure the efficiency of acquiring new customers through Connected TV ad campaigns. This metric helps advertisers understand the cost-effectiveness of their campaigns in driving conversions.

In-App Event Completion Ratios: For app advertisers, in-app event completion ratios are essential metrics that indicate user interactions within the app after installing it through Connected TV ads . Mobupps evaluates these ratios to understand user behavior and optimize campaigns for specific in-app actions.

Cross-Screen Conversions: Mobupps utilizes attribution tools like Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch, and Kochava to attribute cross-screen conversions from OTT/CTV to mobile, tablet, and other connected devices . By prioritizing cross-screen conversions, Mobupps can measure the impact of Connected TV ads on driving conversions across multiple devices.

CelBe: How does Mobupps ensure effective cross-device targeting for Connected TV ads, considering the diverse devices viewers use?

Yaron Tomchin: Mobupps ensures effective cross-device targeting for Connected TV ads by leveraging advanced targeting capabilities and integration to Mobile marketing platforms (MMPs) such as Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch and Kochava.

Such MMPs excel in providing cross-device attribution solutions that enable advertisers to track user interactions and conversions across multiple devices. They offer insights into the customer journey and help optimize cross-device targeting.  By attributing conversions accurately to the appropriate devices, advertisers can measure the impact of Connected TV ads on driving actions on different devices.   

The MMPs also offer audience segmentation features that allow advertisers to create targeted user segments based on device usage patterns and behaviors. This segmentation helps tailor ad campaigns to specific audience groups across devices.

CelBe: What creative possibilities does Mobupps’ new product offer advertisers in terms of ad formats and interactive elements?

Yaron Tomchin: Traditionally, Mobupps makes use of CTV Preroll video ads as well as Display Ads. 

Preroll ads typically range from 15 to 30 seconds in length and are strategically placed at the beginning of the video content, ensuring high visibility and engagement with viewers who are actively engaged in watching CTV programming.

Screen Saver banner ads are static or animated display advertisements that appear on the screen when the CTV device is idle or in a screen saver mode. Screen Saver banner ads aim to capture viewers’ attention during idle moments and create brand recall by displaying relevant and eye-catching visuals.

Both creative formats can reinforce brand messaging, promote new products or offers, and drive engagement.

CelBe: How does Mobupps address challenges related to ad fraud and viewability in the Connected TV advertising space?

Yaron Tomchin: Mobupps addresses challenges related to ad fraud and viewability in 3 ways:

First of all Mobupps collaborates with ad verification partners like Pixalate to monitor ad fraud across the RTB activity and ensure brand safety by identifying and filtering out fraudulent traffic .

Secondly across the vast Mobupps network, MAFO’s automation tool also plays a crucial role in fraud prevention by leveraging real-time data from attribution-based fraud detectors, such as P360 and Adjust Fraud Suite, to enhance fraud detection and mitigation efforts in the advertising ecosystem The tool proactively detects and flags potential instances of ad fraud, including invalid traffic, bot activity, click fraud, and other fraudulent practices that can impact campaign performance.

At the end Mobupps optimizes ad placements to maximize viewability and engagement, ensuring that ads are displayed in high-traffic areas of the CTV interface where they are more likely to be noticed by viewers.

CelBe: Can you provide insights into how Mobupps collaborates with content creators and streaming platforms to enhance the experience with Connected TV ads?

Yaron Tomchin: Although content creators are presently inaccessible for targeting via the platform, Mobupps maintains access to an extensive array of CTV inventory sources and programmatic channels through direct platform integrations via iRTB. Additionally, we offer access to premium inventory, encompassing streaming platforms across CTV devices. Our services are further augmented by deploying compelling preroll ads & screensaver display ads, effectively captivating users’ attention and driving engagement.

CelBe: Given the evolving landscape of data privacy regulations, how does Mobupps ensure compliance and prioritize user data protection in its Connected TV advertising product?

Yaron Tomchin: Mobupps places a high priority on ensuring compliance and safeguarding user data within its Connected TV advertising product.

Firstly, Mobupps diligently stays informed about the latest developments in data privacy regulations worldwide, including frameworks such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), among others. By maintaining awareness of these regulations, the company ensures that its operations align with the latest legal requirements and standards.

Mobupps also employs advanced techniques such as anonymization to enhance user data protection. These methods help to safeguard user identities and minimize the risk of unauthorized access or misuse of personal data. By anonymizing data, Mobupps can effectively utilize the information for advertising purposes while mitigating privacy risks associated with identifiable user information.

Transparency and user control are also fundamental aspects of Mobupps’ data privacy strategy. The company provides clear and accessible information to users regarding its data collection and processing practices, as well as granular controls that empower users to manage their privacy preferences effectively. By offering transparency and control, Mobupps aims to build trust and confidence among users, reinforcing its commitment to protecting user privacy.

Mobupps also employs robust security measures aimed at safeguarding against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other potential threats.

Lastly, through its comprehensive approach to data privacy and compliance, Mobupps strives to foster trust and confidence among both users and advertising partners in its Connected TV advertising product.

CelBe: What future developments or improvements does Mobupps have planned for its Connected TV Ads product, and how does the company plan to stay ahead in this dynamic market?

Yaron Tomchin: Mobupps is committed to advancing its Connected TV Ads product by integrating video content creators and expanding its network of direct streaming partners. Recognizing the growing influence of content creators in advertising, Mobupps plans to incorporate such collaborations into its CTV ads strategy. Content creators have huge reach and drive significant engagement, and the company aims to enhance the effectiveness of its ads and connect with audiences in a more authentic and engaging manner.

Additionally, Mobupps intends to increase the number of direct streaming partner integrations within its platform, to further expand it’s current reach. This expansion will provide advertisers with access to a wider range of premium content and audience segments, enabling more targeted campaigns. Mobupps aims to stay ahead in the dynamic CTV ads market and offer advertisers unparalleled reach and effectiveness in reaching their target audiences.

Overall, Mobupps remains committed to innovation and adaptation in response to the evolving landscape of Connected TV advertising. The company aims to enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of its Connected TV Ads product, positioning itself as a leader in the CTV space.

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